Research Associate

MMLab@NTU, S-Lab

Apr 2022 – Aug 2023 Singapore
  • Multimodal DeepFake Detection
  • Visual Generation

Algorithm Intern

Lazada | Alibaba Group

Jun 2021 – Feb 2022 Singapore
  • Competitive Product Matching with CV and NLP

Computer Vision Research Intern

SenseTime Ltd.

Aug 2020 – Dec 2020 Beijing, China
  • OCR, Image Quality Assessment and Human Action Retrieval



M.Sc. Dissertation, performed in NTU & Lazada

Project at SenseTime Research. For OCR business.

Hackathon project at SenseTime Research.

Project at SenseTime Research. For OCR business.

Project at SenseTime Research. Motion alignment and scoring system based on DTW algorithm, developed for Tai Chi learners.

Bachelor Thesis. A modular image preprocessing framework for maritime scenes with deep learning and traditional approach.

A vision based head motion capture system with robust head movement and realistic facial expressions for VTubers.

A light-weight glasses detector written in Python for real-time videos.

Course Project. A smart car based on arduino who chase the light and avoid obstacles like a bug :)

Driver fatigue detection based on eye state analysis.

A distributed control scheme for multi-agent systems inspired by the physics of liquid foams.

A pan-tilt face tracking system consisting of two servos and a USB camera.

A gesture recognition system based on FDC2214 and STM32.

Balance a ball on the plate using Noise-immune PD Control.

A game automaton that can play Wechat Jump based on OpenCV and C51 microcontroller.

Champion of 2017 Shenzhen Cup Mathematical Modeling Challenge. Model the relationship between network capabilities and video QoE.


Outstanding Student Award

1st Prize & Champion, ‘Shenzhen Cup’ Mathematical Modeling Challenge

1st Prize, Northeast China Mathematical Contest in Modeling

1st Prize, China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (Heilongjiang Division)

1st Class Scholarship for Outstanding Students



Python, MATLAB, C


OpenCV, PyTorch, ROS, Simulink, Unity, Linux, Git


STM32, 89C51, Arduino microcontrollers


Music is part of my life. I love all kinds of music, from Classical music, Jazz to ACG music. I started to play the accordion since my childhood, and it soon became a best friend of mine. I served as the leader of the Accordion Orchestra in Harbin Engineering University during 2018-2019. We played instruments together, held concerts and created a lot of precious memories.